To advance excellence in cannabis nursing practice through advocacy, collaboration, education. We are a team of licensed registered nurses in the state of Colorado incorporating the knowledge of the Endocannabinoid System to enhance symptom control in various medical conditions. We also serve as advocates for the safe and efficient use of cannabis products.

About NurseBuds

At NurseBuds, we provide educated cannabis nurse consultants who believe that it is most important for each of us to have the best advice from a trusted source in working with Cannabis Medicine. Our consultants are members of the American Cannabis Nurses Association and have completed the current Medical Cannabis Curriculum for Nurses Program. Nurses are considered the most consistently trusted profession known for their honesty and strong moral and ethical values.  The decision to make a change in your journey to a healthier you is an important decision that requires a compassionate cannabis nurse to provide you personalized one-on-one guidance and follow-up in establishing your wellness goals. NurseBuds assesses your personal knowledge of cannabis, reviews you current and past health history, and helps you establish realistic goals on your way to wellness. Patients can feel comfortable with their decisions and know that they have a professional caregiver that they can trust to walk with them throughout the entire process.

NurseBuds offers educational opportunities to medical providers and clinicians who lack an understanding of cannabis as medicine and who may have patients asking about it as a therapy option. We also offer educational opportunities to the community for those who desire a deeper understanding of the action of cannabis compounds and how they can benefit from them.

Working with the Latest Data to Find Solutions

As the Cannabis industry exponentially grows, people are seeking direction on how to take control of their ailments from trusted medical professionals that understand current and best practices of Cannabis Medicine. Many questions arise on the benefits that cannabis may have for them individually. The next challenge is finding quality products and methods of administration suitable for each of us individually because we are all different.

People are becoming curious about cannabis and along with the inquires, more confusion arises. Many have heard amazing stories from others about how much better controlled their pain is or that their mobility has improved dramatically.

Many primary care physicians are hesitant to discuss this topic with their patients as their knowledge of cannabis in non-existent. The cannabis information highway available is overwhelming and in many instances, patients become confused and lack the knowledge to make an informed decision about what types of cannabis products may be best for them depending on their other forms of treatment, current medications, and goals of care.

Speaking for all of us, we are seeking to improve our quality of life toward wellness. Current choices for cannabis use are recommendations from bud tenders at dispensaries. This is frowned upon by medical professionals due to their lack of understanding of cannabis interactions with pharmaceutical medications, herbal supplements, vitamins and food allergies. Also, the increasing and ongoing concerns for dependence on opioids, NSAIDS for pain and inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, benzodiazepines for anxiety and insomnia, and polypharmacy of using a number of medications to treat a single ailment or condition, complicate our journey toward feeling better with the “band-aid effect.”

Quality of Recommended Products

NurseBuds offers cannabis-specialty nurses who work with patients and help guide them to optimal products for medical use.  We screen cannabis suppliers to ensure they meet criteria for medical quality and approve them on this basis. We are objective and diligent in our search for the best quality products since we do not benefit from the sales of any product!